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Sly Bedfellows :: Print
The guys sopping wet in the showers, draped with tiny towels barely big enough to hide the big cocks swinging between their legs. And the less he tried to think of it the more vibrant the memories became. Todd stumbled a bit limping along slowly, he had to show how tough he was to...
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Sly Bedfellows
ground grabbing his legs and shoving his cock deep inside him again, pounding away roughly at the tail hole...that would be his from now on. ..."Yeah fuck my hard Todd" Remy swooned reaching up and grabbing Todd's...head to bring him closer to his own still hard and throbbing cock. ...He was all...
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-cough- title? wha? :: Woot Kune @ StonerFurs.Org Blogs
news paper headline reads: Masked Wolfman Loose On City Streets: No Stripclub is safe!  Witness said he 'was hairy. ...hairy all over and hung like a (deleted expletive) donkey.' one semen covered victim had this to say: 'blub, burble, bubble'. ...police would be scrambling after him with...
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Karma's Little Game - Part Two :: Print
His breathing became harsher as his rhythm increased; the paw holding my tail released and grabbed my leg, lifting it up as his thrusting roughened. He continued licking at my neck, as his balls slapped gently against my opened ass cheeks. I reached further backward, rubbing my paw against...
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Karma's Little Game - Part Two
......"And as I've been informed, the technician saw to it?" He raised a huge hairy eyebrow....Â..."Yes sir." I blushed again. ..."The program recovered all the lost data when I restarted it."...Â..."Very good, we can't have delays at the moment with all this economic crisis stuff floating around.
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Telvit : Lovers and Demons :: Print
The memories of years of abuse, torture, fear, desperation and loneliness stayed with him as he ran, as fast as his legs could take him, into the street and away from her, the sunlight of a new morning became the fires of the underworld. And darkness became his retreat. “Not again! I will...
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Telvit : Lovers and Demons
knocking Lilith back, she sat, still wearing little, crossed her legs like a little girl, and shook her head...."You don't know what it's like. I was forced... ...No one can help me." Lilith had grown weary of crying, her...torture was never ending since the night her soul was sold to a demon,...
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tangles :: Print
But seriously, you have something that other guys would kill for; you shouldn't be ashamed of it but don't turn into one of those disgusting jerks who shows it off, we already have enough of those." Eric looked over to Aaron and saw he was sitting quietly with his head slightly bowed. Eric...
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"Sorry guys, Im just really excited about school today." Eric replied, slowing down the car...."Ya, well it's not gonna be exciting when you slam into the car in front of you." His sister retorted....Eric dropped off his little siblings at the elementary and middle school buildings and drove off...
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