furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Casval
 Final Attack(working title): Crimson Luner Slash: Massvie Energywave eminates from the GUN Blade and strikes with insaine force. downside, emidite de-transformatio, plus in Rising Wolf Mode after effects are tripled on the body. Truly for ending the fight then and there. ...Relationships...many people in many lands call his name. be it for good or bad, too many voices ring out. only one...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Trigger Rush
When he awoke there were slash marks all over the walls. The floor was just craters. ...It really looked like he turned into the...Tasmanian devil while he slept,the he was back to normal now. But what was the point? A make-triggers-childhood-cartoon-fantasy-come-to-life program seemed like a serious waste of taxpayer money. ... Over the...busted intercom rang out a familiar albeit childishly...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Jackson Ogwambe
Physical attributes: The edges of his ears are frayed from a number of bites and claws slashing at them, including a noticeably large chunk missing from his left ear. He has a large scar running down the outside of his thigh on his right leg. He has two small burn marks on his chest that appear to be from some form of tazer, they will most likely scar. ...Relationships...Pets: Dogain (Played...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Druscilla Drakul
Dru usually is seen wearing wearing a pair of baggy blue jeans thats at low on her hips, showing the top of a red thong, and a black tank with two slashes across the stomach and one across the generous swell of her breasts. She had 2 tattoos on her upper arms, a red ankh on the right and a silver tribal armband around her upper left. Her headfur hung long and straight down passed her...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Jude_Noctis
Mother and father were huddled in the living room, along with my uncle behind the couch, mother, nine months pregnant, and about to deliver, while father held her tight, and the windows blew open, slashing of the couch, and nearly hitting my parents. It was then, a piece of support rod, ripped from the foundation, and hit my father in the chest impaling him to the wall. Mother screamed as...
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