A Bet is a Bet
social status into the upper tresses while a deep purple ribbon with a gold stripe made a simple bow high on...her tail. ...Dapple gray fur covered the rest of the mare's body and she nervously rubbed an ebon currycomb over...the sleek hair, wondering, again, how she'd gotten herself politically painted into such a corner. ...Soon enough,...though, there would be only...
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A New Love
everything, he decided to see a movie at a theater. After a quite long drive, Ryan arrived at the movie...theater. He got out of his car, got his tickets, and went in. ...Looking around and not paying attention to where...Page 1/7...FurryInk...A New Love...https://furry.ink/stories/caninefapper89/A+New+Love/...he was going, he bumped into someone big...."Umph!" he...
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Spotting a Dalmatian
door swung open and Dairu's muzzle flourished with a crimson blush as he was confronted by a shirtless...Hyena. Covered in grease and sweat. ...Dairu looked over the Hyena's abs and muscular features before...extending the box and adverting his eyes, "I'm sorry... It was delivered to me by mistake... ...and without...realizing... ...I had opened it..."...Â...Dairu grew nervous as to why...
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a love story
deeper until it ripped through her hymen, making a bit of blood and a little pain for her. ...tears welled in her...eyes as she nuzzled into my shoulder, wrapping her arms around me. ..."mmm..." i moaned, thrusting slowly...and deeply, trying to make it last as long as possible. ...she whimpered a little from the last of the pain as i put...my hands on her breasts moaning deeply....
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a little tail loving
She tried to relax herself as he pushed in bit arched back letting out a whisper of a moan as she was stretched...from his thick head. ...No matter how many times her took her she couldn't seem to get stretched out for him but...now at least he wasn't ripping her. ...He sunk in slow savoring every inch while she gripped at his cock with the...tiny hole. Her arms gripped her stuffed...
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A night in
the fact that she was admittedly his first and only, he took to yiffing like a fish to water, granted after a few...tries and a little guidance. ...He called in sick, which usually meant he played Call of Duty until he passed out....Â...The dark furred feline walked into her dark lit room and turned the shower on in her bathroom before stripping...down, but she took the time to...
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A Hidden Love
Sabrina gently wrapped her hand around his legnth, "ready?" She asked a bit shakily, pushing him down to a...laying position. ...she placed her hand on his chest....Jack only nodded gripping the sheets in his strong fists. ...He watched as Sabrina swung her leg over his waist....Sabrina took deep breaths as she straddled Jack, guiding his member to her entrance. ...By the time his head...
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A Stormy Eve
With a quick glance in the small mirror near the door, shi smoothed out a few wild hairs, tugged a...wrinkle from hir top and took a deep breath. Smiling, shi opened the door. "Hi, Eve! Glad you could make it. ...I...hope the jaunt was uneventful?" shi asked, offering hir hand....On the porch, a shorter, and somewhat younger looking, black and white squirrel nodded...
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On A Dark Night
"Friday night and this place is still dead as a doornail," Aleksy mumbled softly to himself, sitting in a corner...table. ...The husky was wearing a pair of dark blue pants and a black hoody to help protect him from the chill of...the night. ...Without another thought, he brought his paw up to his light brown muzzle and rubbed it softly,...trying to shake the feeling of...
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Bent Over A Bench
       Dray smiled as a tiger pushed a cheetah and a lion pushed up against the bar, their tongues so...far down each other's throat they didn't even see him. ...The tiger was named Carlos, and he winked at Dray as...he signaled to the bartender. He ordered two drinks without ever taking his lips off the cheetah. ...They were...purring so loudly together that they almost...
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A demons birth, intro
"Was a pleasure, trust me." Cresk said as he opened his own door and slammed it shut with a resounding...thud behind him." Throwing his sweat soaked shirt into a basket he left by the door he kicked his running...shoes next to it. "Way to watch where your going there Cresk. ...Very smooth." Stripping on his way to the...bathroom he continued to berate himself. "Yeah, then lets...
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Split, Ch1 A Dream...No, A Living Nightmare
With a trembling hand he reached for a pill bottle, knocking over the lamp and alarm clock in the process. It took him over a minute, but when he finally removed the cap he closed his eyes and downed the contents....Dropping the empty bottle on the floor next to its fallen brethren he laid back down just in time for the alarm...to go off. He staggered out of bed then into the...
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Dwayne Loses a Bet
The bare minimum would have sufficed, and yet here you are, dressed like a girl out for a night on...the town. ...Was the lipstick even necessary?"...Dwayne fumbled around before saying, "No. ...I-I guess not." He started blushing a bit until he noticed they...had their eyes locked somewhere. ...He looked down, and thanks to the tight underwear and the...micro-mini-miniskirt,...
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A Night To Remember
... eyes iv ever seen.. have I told you...that iv had a crush on you for as long as I can remember?" I asked sheepishly  "well. ...I felt the same way but...I didn't think you did. ...So I kept it to myself.." He said  "well if you would've just sa---" he cut me off mid...sentence with a kiss. A lingering kiss.. ...the kind only true love could encourage....Page 1/1...FurryInk
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Never Cross A Wolf
A young male Indian stood on a vast platform of rock which dominated a timber-free clearing,...naked and unadorned save for strange splashes of paint which gave an animal-like appearance to his stringy...body. Around the rock, still and uncanny in the watchfullness, sat the grey shadows of the wolf pack. ...The...Indian drew a deep breath and began a low keening...
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A Magical Night
All of a sudden, Brooke's ears perked up, a smile creeping across her muzzle, and then...sitting up proceeding to plant a kiss on my cheek. ..."This is one of my favorite songs, you know..." She said...cutly as possible. This caused me to blush deeply, then we stared into each other's eyes, then fell into a deep,...passonate kiss, our muzzles sliding deeper into one...
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to have a heart
a vixen on a stretcher, her husband ran in behind paramedics, tears in his eyes. ...He screamed down the hall...with a hysterical voice....Â...Page 1/7...FurryInk...to have a heart...https://furry.ink/stories/Commander_eagle/to+have+a+heart/..."What's wrong with my wife?!"...Â...           The paramedics ran with him as doctors came from left and right,...
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A Romp in the Rain
As the yellow pony felt the intrusion, a wave of pleasure shot through him, making him moan out around...Page 1/2...FurryInk...A Romp in the Rain...https://furry.ink/stories/otterboi/A+Romp+in+the+Rain/...the thick shaft. This, in turn, sent vibrations through the cock and made the owner moan. ...Pre slowly formed on...his cock and was immediately gulped down by the stallions...
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A Prologue: Raina's Rebirth
Tired from their exertions, the brothers nodded to each other, returning to their homes to await a new battle....Another chance to conquer their oldest of enemies....A battle that never seemed to arrive. ...As it became apparent that any time the two brothers met, some force...would appear in their way, preventing them from engaging in the mortal combat they were both so desperate...to...
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a trip to the mall
including a navy blue, a powder blue, classic black, pinstripe black, charcoal gray and a almost golden suite in...classic style. Ed looks over the suites. ..."Let me guess you chose black mom chose the golden one and you...fussed over the rest?" said Ed fairly confident in his understanding of his family's taste...Rick Smiled it was not often Ed was this wrong "actually Naomi...
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