furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Rec'genu
If you see me in the chatroom, go ahead and start something either through a public action or a whisper. ...Either one is fine with me! ...He likes vore. And girls of course. ...enjoys climbing, running, sparring, and other activities that may result in bodily damage or death, simply for the adrenaline rush. ... as far as the sensual side of things, one major passion of his is oral sex. ...he...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Kana Karuma
He came to be when I stumbled onto furry chatrooms on AOL, and he ended up at the Anthro Pleasure Bar. Loves yiffing. ...Interests...Drinking. Yiffing. Helping others. Slaying demons. ...Dislikes...Being rude/mean. Guys who hit on him after he tells them he's straight. Bad whiskey. ...About...Most information has been said. He's dated a bunny for years but she has long since disappeared. He...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: pony Olihenge
my activities consist of chatrooms here or yahoo mess cus i already have a SL mate that i am faithful to.  i'm only looking for online and offline casual yiff and cuddles. ...Dislikes...i don't like being called a liar or being treated like one. ...if you're jealous, buzz off bumble bee. ...i don't care for hoomans. if you think you're the shizzle. go sit and sizzle. the only hoomans i like...
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