furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Phillip "Phily" Clark
Sports: Loves playing basketball and occasionally football. ...Friends:  Anything that involves being with friends or friendly people. ...Spending time at the at The Backstreet, making new friends and seeing old ones. ...Sexual: No need for you to know  ;) ...About...Just your normal fox. Though he can be a tad bit shy, he still loves meeting new people and making all the friends he can...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Jude
By the time he was in his final year, he was a major jock in swimming, football, and wrestling. He had many friends in all cliques. He now is going to college. ...Interests...Non-sexually: making friends, hanging with friends, sports, watching tv, and rollercoasters...Sexually: it is hard to find something that he doesn't like. ...If you find something not counting death, scat, or blood, I...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Jenna Dentrun
football, being rough and dirty, sex, money, raves and late night parties that included alcohol, fine dinning, expensive clothes and nic-nacs...Dislikes...competition, cheaters...Relationships...Rose Foxx = mother...Murtagh Dentrun = father...Joshua = best friend[grew up together]...Post Comment...Colour...Dark Red...Red...Orange...Brown...Yellow...Green...Olive...Cyan...Blue...Dark Blue...7pt
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Becca Smith
She tends to spend her time mre with the guys then with girls, she has a few female friends but she as spent more time drinking with them and playing football with them. ...Relationships...None as of yet. ...Comments...LittleLumi Profile...Favourites...Gallery...Scrapbook...Mar27/13 17:06:48..."Pictures are for illustrative purposes. ...The character's player does not necessarily claim...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Akihiko Yamada
He had a fairly peaceful life up until freshmen year in high school, where he was constantly picked on by the football jocks. The bullying reached its boiling point when the jocks ambushed him near the locker room after school, and dragged him in, where they forcibly raped him. He was forced to perform oral on the jocks, and each of them took turns taking him from behind. It was painful and...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Micka Timber
Play football...Play frisbee...Play tennis...Meeting people. ...Go swimming...Go hiking...Exersising...I just love life in general. ...Dislikes...I really don't hate anything or anyone.  I am a very reasonable person and i can put up with alot of crape besides a female fox named Jennifer Bucie...About...Muscular...Lean body...Nice package...Tight butt...Relationships...Best Friend Jimy...Post...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Cody Anderson Munroe
When he got in High school, He Mostly had sex with the Straight guys durning the Football/Basketball games. ...he was a Whore, but didn't mind. ...Interests...Big guys...Shopping...Cleaning...hanging out...Knots ...GangBangs...Dislikes...Hates: Being Picked on...About...Cody has a huge 11 inch Blue Knot,...Relationships...Cody is Basically Single & Looking...Fetishes...Hate...Dislike...Neutral
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Claws
Apon meeting him, one would think him slow, uncaring, but it is quite the opposite.  Even with his generally polite ways and soft voice, he is a very althletic panther.  He enjoys running, playing basketball or football, or sometimes even just sitting around and bsing. ...(Bsing - Bull shiting.)...Dislikes...He has a strong dislike for rules as well as those who think they are better then...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Cole_Shane
He played football in highschool and got pretty good grades. Everything was fine until one of his team mates found out he was gay. This was very bad given that his school was not known for acceptance of homosexuals. The information was spread throught the team and they decided to "teach him a lesson." One day after practice they cornered cole in the locker room, beat him to a pulp, and...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Osara Kitamura
Is your average tomboy girl whod rather kill zombies then play play house and throw a football than a tea party. she is currently very loving towards her parents and finds herself awfuly attracted to her brother Akaime. likes Yaoi and Shota. ...Relationships...(step) Father: Zen Kitamura (step) Mother: Mikuro Juichi Big Brother: Akaime Yasuke Older Sister: Auron Kitamura Younger Sister:...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Starfall
She also doesn't like football boots or studded shoes on grass. That's just not nice. And...pools. Ugh, pools. Really any body of water where people are swimming. She wants to try, but never figured out how to turn off her 'walking on water' thing. ...About...Katie is very gentle and kind, hesitant to hurt even a fly. She enjoys using her magickal abilities, changing herself from time to...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Salt
He took on a football team and he took on a group of furs with out quiting. Idk you ask him he may tell you. ...His life was to try to find that one for his life and he has his name is Dogain...Interests...Anything to do with his tail hole being plugged and normal chatting and feeling on himself in the shower. ...Dislikes...piss shit and scat...About...Loving and laid back hate when others...
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ball - Ychan Search Results
ball handling soccer football sport sports practice...Dec23/10 19:36.../ m / nailing / 86595 [jpg]...Tags:...nailing banding bme cbt cock ball torture ball gag dragon muscular...Dec23/10 18:57.../ m / machines / 86568 [jpg]...Tags:...machine torture bondage cgi fox self watersports drinking piss cum collection forced ejaculation electro electro-stim electronic semen milking ball torture cbt...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Gabriel
  THE DAY: It was just after the homecoming football game at school, and Gabriel and his boyfriend thought they were hidden, until several members of the football team found them. The two were beaten and raped brutally, sending bith to the hospital. Gabriel's boyfriend couldn't take the physical and emotional pain, and broke up with him that day.   HIS LAST CHANCE: Gabriel couldn't...
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furry.ink :: Stories
The captain of the football team finds himself overwhelmed with new thoughts when he makes his way to big party...Casca_O Profile...Favourites...Gallery...Scrapbook...He's Not My Secret Santa Gay 2918 6 0     Apr29/09, Modified Apr28/09...Troy is a loner working in a growing firm but when he's convinced by his mysterious associate to attend the firm mixer and finds it was a bigger party than...
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Stories > Eternity2 > Rivermore High Chapter Four
"Because she is to busy fucking every other guy on the football team. She is cheating on you. Has been for a while now. She is trying to do it now by talking to my friend. Can't you see that?" Toby showed a look of surprise and then he was listening intently, trying to process all the information that was being revealed to him. He again shook his head no. "Well she is. What are you doing to...
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demona96 by fab3716 < Furry Art :: furry.ink
Sign Up! ...Welcome to furry.ink!...Please log in or register to take part in our community. ...Forgot your password ?...Did you know? Ytalk is a Google Talk compatible instant messenger service. You can connect with any XMPP client . Did you know? Ychat is a web-based group chat service with webcam support . ...Sign on and start making new friends today!...What's New:...Dec26/18 - Stay Tuned to...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Fluff
Wrestling, football, baseball, and boxing...loves classic cars...he also enjoys going to the beach with a book to hide the fact that he looks at all of the cute females (and espesioly males)...he loves classic rock and some country, and is in no way shy about his huge 8% body fat form. ...Dislikes...people picking on other people light his short fuse and make him crazy, he is known as a...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Manus, God of the Planes of All Existence
WHERE A MONSTEROUS CREATURE NAMED LISA WILL TEAR YOU APART, AND YOU WILL BE FORCED INTO PLAYING FOOTBALL! IN WEDDING TUXES! ...), being called out on your bullshit !...Now, as of now, I will be residing here, at the plane of existance called "Yiffy International". One of my underlings must've created it because... boy.... no random bolding or italicization will be able to describe this...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Jena Speer
 She also enjoys watching sports, especially European soccer and Aussie League Football. ...Dislikes...Jena gets very tired of guys who simply want sex all the time. She prefers people who can actually sit down, relax, and hold a good, intelligent conversation. She also hates guys with big egos, who think the best way to impress her is to act macho and tough. ...About...Jena is pretty laid...
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