Adrian's Big Day P2
"Thanks!" At that, he began to climb the staircase, one step at a time, while Vulpix spun around and assumed a...defensive position...."What are you doing, Vulpix? ...Go on, get Adrian's friend!" The woman pointed halfway upstairs to where...Adrian was, but Vulpix shook her head quickly, standing guard....I hope I can even write… I don't think I can even hold a pencil!...So,...
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The Angry Beavers - Dam Brothers' Love
pulled back with a "ha!" and a wide, open-mouthed grin as he waited for his brother's reaction. ...Norbert's hair...was mussed-up and going in all directions, with some hanging down over his face. ...Very calmly, he reached...his paws up and pushed his hair back over his head, releasing it and allowing it to spring back into its...trademark style. "So, Norbie, wha'cha gonna do,"...
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Spring Break II
wrist, removed a nail kit and slowly began to file her claws.   "Hey there, sexy," a deep voice called up from below.   Cindy pursed her lips and flattened her dark brown ears slightly. ... Looking down the emery board,...she focused her large blue eyes on the voice's owner. ... "Do I know you?" she asked, haughtily, arching an...eyebrow at the shirtless male in black satin swim...
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The Geist (Ch. 1)
inspection, his eyes appeared as many gears turning like a clock behind a glass, heat rising and causing the...image to blur slightly. The rest of his body was clad in a dusty, torn worker's uniform that appeared way out...of date for today's styles. In truth, the man looked more like he belonged to the Victorian era....In short, all the progress you have made in recovering...
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Cat of the Wilds
brother locked chest with a key and unlocked it and took out a magazine that said *Yiff-Boy* on it. As Luppy...sat down he opened the magazine and then started to rub his hand down his black and dark blue fur, until he...begin to harden, and he started to paw off, but little did he know there was people slowly opening the door to...the hut. ...And as they got slowly closer to Luppy, he...
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Ytalk is a Google Talk compatible instant messenger service. You can connect with any XMPP client . Did you know? Ychat is a web-based group chat service with webcam support . ...Sign on and start making new friends today!...What's New:...Dec26/18 - Stay Tuned to Twitter Stay tuned to our twitter (@furry_media) feed to keep informed while we redevelop the site! Read More... ...Create...
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Dex's Shadow
and Dex pulled the trigger.Sana collapsed to his knees then flattened onto the ground in a thick pool of viscous, crimson blood.A crowd had formed around the two brawling Canines and Kia pushed through to be by Dex's side.Dex cradled the mortally wounded Sana in his arms...."You need to tell me where Rage is!" whispered Dex emphatically.Sana coughed a vaporous cloud of blood....I...
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Mirror Mirror on the Wall...
wrists and gently placed its paws on his chest, softly starting to rub and massage.   The real canine gasped and shuttered with a deep blush as he felt a strange tingling sensation spread...across his chest while the mirror canine rubbed deeper against him. He watched in disbelief and bizarre...fascination as his chest began to swell out, his copy seeming to shape them as they...
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Awakening, Part 1
mouth with the slightly salty, slightly bitter flavor of my own seed, whichI drank down eagerly. For a timeless while I lost track of everything butthe sensations stirring me as I bucked and squirmed under the caresses ofthe massage unit driven by my body's urgency. In time, a second orgasm...shook me, and eventually a third, though by now my seed was getting thin...and...
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wanderer pt 2
she played the song so much she had almost memorized the steps and she finished with a 350 combo.and a A...grade. After she had put her name in the machine she went to find Tristen. ...She found him alright, and Jhon was all...over him. ...As Tristen went to hug Jhon, Jill saw Jhon slip his hands down Tristen's waist and settled on his...rump. Jill could not believe what she...
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Meet the siblings
its in a print out on the table" dad puts a sample of Ed's blood on a slide the reason of the vile going...into a machine before turning to White. ..."Do you mind if take a sample?"... "Not at all Rick or do want be to call you dad," Shi smiles as shi holds out arm for Rick to take a sample of...blood from hir, "and besides I don't mind this its lets spend...
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My first story, between what I wana try with another man
I feel a hot load go into my ass and then I feel his powerfull body againgst lifting me againgst a...table/over a couch/ everywhere. I feel his thick 11 inch cock slide in and out, fast as fuck. ...I am screaming and...after he has had his for atleast 2 hours he lays down. ...I lay down on his bed next to him and lay my head on his...neck and fall asleep. ...I wake up to him...
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love knows best
closed my eyes and made a wish ( I wish I may I wish I might I wish on a star tonight that I can find...my true love ). All of s sudden I was very tiered and I fell a sleep . ...I dreamed of the clouds of...different colors and the dream lased for hours and when I woke I was not where I was I was some...were ells .  Where  was I it was strange to me and...
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The Forbidden Follower - Watched
head sideways, and looked at my ugly black outfit, with a white apron. Well, being a chef had some...benifits; great food, and a great pay (since i owned the restaurant myself) but the uniforms we wore were...absolutley hideous. i really need to update our attire, i thought to myself.... But then again, with my body i could make these black and white clothes look pretty damn...
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The past, the truth
on a killing rampage the speed he had given off made a fine red mist of blood around you, he sits in a pool of...blood rubbing it on his fur....The brown wolf stands and flies past you, a loud bang makes you fall down, you see the demon army and...Ninja Army fall to the ground, you see the gray wolf limp as he tries to get up " help... ...me " you see the evil...brown wolf...
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Moonlite Night: Part 3
likely five-four and a red fox with a white stripe down her right arm. Her brother on the other hand, as he...began to get closer to the two of them, stood possibly six-foot if not a little more and had grey on white fur,...and he also noticed that he had a scar running down the left side of his neck which extended under his shirt...and most likely across his chest....the...
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love knows best part 2
chill up her spine and she let a soft moan out As I work my way down to her pussy I kissed her softly on her...smooth belly she moaned even louder the passion flowing throw her she was real wet now. ...I made it to her...pussy and liked it with my long tug it was sweeter than before. ...As I liked it, I work on her clit she laid down...on me and started to work on my penis starting slowly as...
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Near Perfect
The punk wiped sweat from his brow with a napkin.      "You think this is busy, you should have seen it Friday."      "I knew it was busy on Friday, I was doing the dishes."      There was silence for a moment, and then the laughter came, a roar of it between them. ...They...quieted down quickly so as not to disturb the remaining guests. ...Adrian leaned forward...
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Near Perfect Part 2
Michael, "You won't think as well of me in a moment."      "Huh?"      He never got the chance to say more.  Adrian kissed him.       It had to be a mistake; he had to be fooling with him, shooting for embarrassment.  It had to...be a joke, but Michael fell for it.  He fell for it hard.  Fiery butterflies danced in his belly, burning...everything they...
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Strangers In The Void part two and three
With a few taps at the controls there is a sharp hiss and with a vibration felt through the Explorer...10 the pod disengages and begins to drift away. ...Parker grabs the ships helm and fly's away, clearing a distance...between him and the soon to be atomized craft. ...Once he has made a distance of about thousand kilometers he...aims the Explorer 10's front window...
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