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Buck gets a visit from some strange, horny creatures. ...Hermaphrodiary: Entry Seven...Nov22/10...Lauren has to convince Duncan to visit Gale. ...Lady of the Manor...Aug17/11...A female human takes pity on a poor male Catari. For a price, of course. ...Dwayne Loses a Bet...Jan8/11...A night of debauchery leads to a competition. One Dwayne looses, and he must now suffer the...
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A Mishap at the Sex Magazine Studio by moyomongoose < Furry Art :: furry.ink
The publication would be available in many countries around the world, sold to anyone from lonely female linsangs to day dream over, to anyone else who would just like to see a linsang penis, to those who live in a part of the world where there are no linsangs and curious as to what a male linsang's penis really looks like. What Badu's penis looks like is no well kept secret. But Badu...
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SciFi, Nico and Pancho Meet a Friend From Far Away by moyomongoose < Furry Art :: furry.ink
They had gone just far enough to where they could see the sphere shape of the Earth, looking like it was just hung there on nothing, but somehow knew where it's place in the Heavens was. "How fast will this airplane go?" Nico asked. "It's not an airplane", said Kassa. "It's an interstellar cruiser. There is a difference. And, technically, there is no set top speed on anything moving...
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Part Three: The Road to Better Things.
her acoustic guitar with her friend Janice, who visited her at least twice in the hospital. ...Holly absolutely loved...everything and everyone everywhere. ...She had the world in her hands, or so it seemed to me, a bitter,...self-loathing wolf from Steinherring, Germany....     Holly gave me reason to start living my own life, if not for myself, than at least for others, and not...God.
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Part Three: The Road to Better Things. :: Print
When she was inside she read her books, mostly romance novels and classics, talked with people about things that mattered, economics mostly, which, it turns out, she was an expert on, or she played her acoustic guitar with her friend Janice, who visited her at least twice in the hospital. Holly absolutely loved everything and everyone everywhere. She had the world in her hands, or so it...
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Circumcision Attempt and History of the Meerkats by moyomongoose < Furry Art :: furry.ink
Just before they got back on their way, Nafula, Annika's oldest sister, and her husband, Yousaf, asked everyone to travel at a slower pace, because they've been having problems, for the past 30 kilometers, with their car trying to overheat. The meerkats continued their journey, on their way to Port of Beira, abandoning Bron's old station wagon on the shoulder of the highway. Bron and Lacara...
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The Brother Visits Cross Ridge Straight 1886 5 0     Dec9/10, Modified Dec8/10...A wandering adventure writes a letter to his brother. ...Ph0enixInfern0 Profile...Favourites...Gallery...Scrapbook...Kristy's Life: Chapter Two Other 2905 7 2     Jun19/10...Kristy tells Jamii about her recent experience and how she has begun to feel for her friend, so Jamii comes to her house for a night of fun.
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Kidnapped by vargyr space pirates on his first off-world voyage, young Dasker must come to terms with the powerful urges he is just beginning to experience. ...Blahblahtson Profile...Favourites...Gallery...Scrapbook...Hermaphrodiary: Entry Two N/A 3393 8 1     Sep11/09...Lauren and Gale relieve some stress. ...Casca_O Profile...Favourites...Gallery...Scrapbook...Man's Best Friend: Hunger Gay...
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The Depth of Faith
I was so numb I could hardly feel the penetration when it began, just a faint pressure, then ache....My addled thoughts drifted between confusing extremes as the rhythmic and moist splats continued. ...It took...me a shamefully long time to connect the sounds with the faint sensation between my legs, or the pain I felt in...my lower belly. ...It at last clicked, like a key in a rusted lock at...
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The Depth of Faith :: Print
It ran down his limp shaft at first, just a sloppy trickle, then with a flatulent sputter his vent gaped and the rest came cascading out. As I knew he liked, I stroked my bathed chest and rubbed his putrid waste into my skin from throat to pelvis. It itched as it dried, skin tightened under the crusted smears. It was as familiar to me now as dresses and petticoats had once been. “Thank you...
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A Bet is a Bet
opened wide at the realization that her father was probably just being a grumpy, overprotective, pasture-stud...with a scatter-beam. She placed a three-fingered hand over her lips and giggled into it. ..."He's afraid I'm going...to ..." she laughed. "No, Major, I will be fine. I won't need your chaperone services. ...If you must know, I'm not...going to any planet-side 'costume' party. And...
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A Bet is a Bet :: Print
In fact, just such a thing happened about fifty Earth years ago by mistake, causing widespread planetary disruption of their electrical and communications systems as well as almost shutting down the tourism business." "So, we won't be getting any information for at least three more hours since we have to communicate at light speed. Not only that, it'd be like one gigantic 'ping' announcing...
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A Drink at Titan's Pub (vers. 1.0.8).
, or just JC&H, prided themselves on high-speed, high-class, high-everything trains and was the only company...thus far to buy the futuristic train set from Reynard....     JC&H itself controlled the largest system of railway track in Europe, in Russia, in the northern...hemisphere, in the world. ...As new alliances were made following the end of World War Two, Germany took the...lead by...
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A Drink at Titan's Pub (vers. 1.0.8). :: Print
Passing through the remaining nine coaches she saw at least one Russian, one Japanese, one German, one Brit, one French, one Spanish, one Polish, one Finnish, and one Swedish person in each one, just proving the length and influence of the German mega-railroad, headquartered in Berlin, starting in Madrid, Spain, and terminating in a large yard outside of Tokyo, Japan.       She passed out...
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Buck gets a visit from some strange, horny creatures. ...Blahblahtson Profile...Favourites...Gallery...Scrapbook...Dwayne Pays Up Gay 3553 24 0     Mar21/11, Modified Mar21/11...Dwayne just made his friends cum. It's their turn to return the favor. ...Syrion Profile...Favourites...Gallery...Scrapbook...On A Dark Night Gay 3998 20 2     Mar20/11, Modified Mar21/11...This is a story that...
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Awakening, Part 4 :: Print
"I may just have to see what I can do about that." Time and again, however, before things could become too heated or go to far, Warrris would reposition us, talk us into just the pose he was after, wait until it all lined up right and snap another holograph. By the time he felt like he had taken as many as he cared to, I was achingly aroused and my modelling partner was slyly keeping...
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Awakening, Part 4
your responsiveness to Vargyr scent signals for arousal and sexual dominance is just another aspect of the...overall program."..."Now, I know that when we have introduced new elements in your adjustment therapy, you have expressed...concerns that this would make you behave more provocatively or less in control of your urges. ...So let me...reassure you again that all we are really doing is...
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Minna and Lemon. :: Print
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           Major Funk and Colonel Kaiser had both just scored two kills each with their Raven missiles, but there were still eleven Flankers out there and they weren’t happy about the loss of four of their comrades. That’s...
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Minna and Lemon.
seven feet from the target, watching from behind the green bush, which, he had just remembered, had at least...a thousand thorns per linear foot of vine. But that didn't matter. ...What did matter was that he was now in a...position to attack, and the prey hadn't even noticed him, hadn't picked up his scent, and hadn't really seemed...all too alert to begin with....     Dominique snuck in...
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If you're into what I'm into, awesome just save whatever has been collected, I have quite the collection myself and it's safe to say there's not much out there but I will periodically post what I already have if it hasn't been collected yet for the sake of those visiting the thread d; Enjoy the piccies o.o Tags:...gay human...Wolfie22 Profile...Favourites...Gallery...Scrapbook...26...
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