furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Helix
He only went legit after the old bat died, opening the Double Helix in Portland, Oregon. ...Interests...Men and women mainly. Techno music and pretty much anything dealing with technology. He's also quite the drinker and cannabis enthusiast. ...Dislikes...Those that speak with no clue as to what is leaving their mouths. ...Post Comment...Colour...Dark Red...Red...Orange...Brown...Yellow...Cyan
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Chance
Chance was born in a small town, west of the Portland, OR metro area. He grew up with his brother and his mother, never able to express his homosexual issues for fear his family would ridicule him more than they already did.  Now he lives with friends in a house where he must still stay closeted but at least he has more freedom to hang out with other gay men in his free time . ...Interests... 
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Asherah
In her home town of Portland Oregon, she occasionally gets small amounts of radio play, and two of her five albums have currently been accepted by Pandora internet radio. In performance, Asherah is energetic and charismatic. She's very comfortable on stage and works audiences with great skill. She's also a sensual dancer, with some very basic belly-dancing training, and she incorporates...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Kori
 Born in Portland Oregon sadly his mother didn't make it through child birth so he spent most of his early years with his father. Kori was always one of those pups who had to deal with his father constantly hazing him about how he was. His grades were always good but never good enough to please his father, his track record with women also made his father a bit more of a jerk always pushing...
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