furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Little Lambkin Girl
Few things are hotter than a slobbering, sexually starved timberwolf or man-lion hunkering over a caught lamb preteen, shivering and shaking like a leaf. Adore and pamper her with pleasure for hours and hours, whether her innocent and naive mind is ready or not. Perverse rape/molest scenes are lots of fun, but tender and romantic vanilla ones are cool too. The deeper and more destructive...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Raikou Hellridden
Getting fed up with being weak, by his preteen age he started watching Raphael train and fight for a small Neko female. After being caught by his ever knowing brother his own private lessons began on self defence. Hand to hand and weaponry combat was all taught. Always eager and a bit inpatient he wanted more power. He wanted to prove to himself that he wasn't weak. He went in search for...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Judas "Jude" Kendall
Though looking about 12 or 13, his schemes still mostly revolve around staying out all night and other preteen illicit activities. He's no saint when it comes to things of a dirty nature, but all he has as a reference is the girls at the orphanage. He's a good deal smaller than his grown self, being only 4 feet or so tall, with other "dimensions" being only 9". ...Post Comment...Colour...Dark...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Stacey
In her childhood and preteen years; she began to become more submissive and docile, which lead her to her to be who she is today. That's when her family was going to move again, and this time- to a different country closer to where the tavern were and what not.  Her adopted wolf of a father, a military guy, always gone and such. It was then when her mother was remated again, by another man...
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