Minna and Lemon.
nose drooping and the tail rising, with a single large tailfin protruding high and proud into the air, and the...long, thin wings swept-back and drooped below the level of the fuselage. ...The aircraft were predators and...today they were going to get their first taste of an enemy's bitter blood....Â...Â...Â...Â...     They hit nine-hundred knots. ...The four...
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Takato And Guilmon
will be juuuuust fine" I grabbed his hips, and pushed my cock into his tight little dragon asshole. ..."That feels so...weird Takato!" "Quiet down Guilmon! ...Enjoy this!" I start to fuck his ass hard, ramming my cock in and out of...it. His ass cheeks bouncing with each thrust I make, his dick swaying through the motions. ..."Ah, what a good...boy you are. And a nice ass" I...
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Love and Pain
him look like a gangy pirate, his big strong build and deadly exterior make him irresitable, and his tounge, oh...how it would make Kinky smile every time she say him lick his eyeballs. ...Its odd for an Iguna, but it always...made her shiver with excitment of what else it was used for....Things started to get more serious between them. ...Fur and bloodshed became more frequnet,...
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Thunder and Lightning
Thunder was losing it; she was going to cry, and run off, and get her ass laughed off, and flood the stage in...mare fluid, and lose all dignity in herself like the filthy slut she was...."Hey Thunder!"...Thunder looked over towards the voice of another mare, the big shire mares' jaw dropping like it had been...tugged down with a weight....Her gaze fastened on the giant...
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Black and White
and tried to stay calm but the more kuro pulled him closer he got more and more ready, and whats more is that...kuro was completely naked and pressed up against him with his face burryed in his chest....thank you, just let me hold you until the thunder quiets down....kuro said burrying his face deeper into shiro's chest and holding him tighter....o-oh-ok y-yeah no...
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Fire and Ice
anthropomorphic with hands and voices and amusing little diversions which did not need physical contact or...the power of raw emotion being unleashed as unquenchably fierce as this humans'....Â...Â...Fire stumbled off behind the stage half dead like a zombie, his weary eyes half closed from the tiring...performance, his body so drained and weak, his skin is so wet with his own...
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Sydney and Me
stick and then it was dark.I opened to my eyes to see only a bright light and my hands on a steering wheel. ...Micka looked out a familiar...Page 4/10...FurryInk...Sydney and Me...https://furry.ink/stories/zach8892/Sydney+and+Me+/...voice called. I looked over and it was Kelly. I turned back forward and swerved away from the lights. ...We...ended up hitting...
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Telvit : Lovers and Demons
losing balance in the air and falling, and Telvit being released down onto his feet, swishing his tail and sighing...with relief....Lilith coughed and could feel her blood burning, her head throbbing as she shook, she gazed at Telvit...furiously...."What did you do?" she yelled at him, as she fell back to sit against the wall, he breath slowing as he writhed...in pain....a...
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Rage and regret
mean and not what I say, what I saw with my eyes and what I do everyday with myself, friends and loved...ones, or how I handle myself everyday from morning to night as myself but they still call me out and hurt me....Then I let my RAGE flow wanting to Spill the blood on floors and walls and use them to wright words in bold...print ready to tell them I'll let...
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Dreams and Nightmares
lid in a hole the fire going nice and hot I waited until five started putting raw green leaves and and old dry...leaves smoke started to bellow dark gray to help it remain this way I did this every five or ten minutes she...came a thirty minutes later stark ass naked I woke again realising that was a dream within a dream however I...did have a campsite just no one to hangout with...
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Her One And Only (1-5)
length skirts and socks, and thick sweaters and glasses, with her long brown hair usually tied back. ...However,...she wasn't shy when she sang in choir or acted in the plays. ...Despite being new to the school, she had a talent...for both that surpassed even their best actors and singers, as proven each time she landed a lead role in each...play and had many choir...
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Sydney and Me part 6
I just finished taking a piss and I accidently started to zip up my fly and I accidentally...got my member caught. It hurt so bad. I then thought maybe Sydney could kiss it and make it feel better. ...I...chuckled at that thought. I then re-unzziped my pants and then they made the decent down to my ankles. ...I...wiggled out of them. I then just looked at myself in the...
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Sydney and Me part 5
... up and walked over to Sydney...who was just looking around my room. ..."Here can you pack these for me please? I am going to get changed...and then I will be ready to go."..."Sure thing Micka." Sydney replied....I then walked out of my room and walked down the hall past the stair case and too the bathroom. ...I walked...in and shut the door....Page 3/3...FurryInk
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Sydney and Me part 4
"Yeah you know walking, climbing, outside, and with the furry things that we call animals."..."Well I know what hiking is but were can we go hiking."..."Well right over there." I pointed to the mountain off in the distance. ..."That's Mount Tymer."..."You wanna know something Micka. ...I have been here for a half a year and I really didn't notice that...mountain."..."Do you ever get...
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Sydney and Me part 3
"So let me guess Micka you are all muscle and no stamina right." I was taking heavy breaths in and out...."Well yeah I guess you could say that." I was still gasping for air...."Well that's what is so cool about being a swimmer. ...We are all about stamina because guess what....Muscle doesn't float." She laughed...."Well I guess I have a friend that can be my personal life guard when I...
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Sydney and me part 1
I looked into the mirror when I got to the bathroom and looked into my light blue eyes and my blue hair...."Hello handsome." I said to myself. I licked my muzzle and scratched behind my ear. ...A cold chill ran down...my spin as I did so. That was my sweet spot. Right behind my left ear. ...I reached into the shower and turned...on the warm water. ...As the water was...
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Sydney and Me part 2
"Well still I give kudos to you." He shook my hand and went and sat down. ..."Here okay to sit...Sydney?" I asked gesturing her to sit down in a booth...."Yeah Micka." We sat at a small table across from each other...."Thank you for giving me a chance to bring you out tonight Sydney."..."No problem Micka I am glad that you wanted to bring me out tonight. I don't get out much. ...I'm not...
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Dust, Blood, and Fur (Teaser)
extend their power, they would extort several communities for resources and recruitment, and would...exterminate those who refused....2032: The Red Water's "Re-Education" program is enacted. ...Instead of simply killing those who didn't obey...them, they'd bring the dissenters to a camp and mentally/physically condition them into loyal soldiers....2037: There is no end in sight...
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the bunny and a fox
... Doing so made me...cum as well. ...It was the best feeling I have ever had in my life....  I got up and said "I love you."  He giggled and said "I love you too" and kissed me. ... I curled up next...to him and fell into a deep sleep. ... He fell asleep holding me....Â...                              THE ENDÂ...Page 2/2...FurryInk
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Russel and Josh (working title)
They pulled hard around a corner, staying neck and neck and the Ferrari's driver, an orange tiger, gave him...the bird. He ignored the feline, focusing on the road ahead. ...The two cars looked like completely different...classes at a glance, the Fox's Black Cadillac Fleetwood still sang like its original 1980's chassis dinted and...scratched in places against the sleek new,...
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