furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: James Prescott Sr.
Born in Liverpool, James is the father and ,in his late fifties, the second oldest living member of the Prescott/Dax family. He met his wife, Julianne Dax, while attending Yale University. They fell in love upon first sight and after finishing their education together they married and came down to Texas to start a family. They had two children, Jill and James Jr as well as an adopted...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Fabian Radcliff
I was born in Liverpool, but I moved to London when I was 8.My parents, like most, never approved of my sexuallity, but they did respected it, my mom more than my dad. Only once was I publicly humiliated by my dad, but after that he made sure to never do it again. My high school life was somewhat mediocre. I was one of those kids who did their work, studied, ad went home. I did have plenty...
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furry.ink :: Character Profiles :: Gemma
She owns her own Liverpool jersey, for those that don't know it's a soccer team of England, as well as a ball her mother got signed for her by one of her favorite musicians, Dallas Green. In that note she's not picky with her music and will give anything a quick listen to to see how it makes her feel. 98% of the time, she enjoys it. She can go from listening to Beethoven's moonlight sonata...
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