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The Dragon, The Demoness and the Sword
https://furry.ink/stories/Torm+The+Highlander/The+Dragon%2C+The+Demoness+and+the+Sword/...The Dragon, The Demoness and the Sword...Article URL...Author...Torm The Highlander...Published: February 6, 2009, 10:09 am...The Sword, The...
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The past, the truth
the brown wolf rips the flesh from his face, he flash steps to a demon and cut's it's head off with a sword, the...next one his cut down the middle, the last one his impaled in the face, he Vanishes and they drop, as he goes...on a killing rampage the...
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The story of the Flash's
hard war, it was the first worldwar, the seal became overloaded from the power, witch the flashes were earmng...after times. It nearly exploded – in power. As it nearly did, it opened the way to another world. ...In this, there...were others of their kind! Those...
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The Angel of the Time
happend so fast it coderised the strangers wounds keeping him from bleeding on the floor. ...And of corse the...bartendert was spared....After the 5 second fight (though it doesn't seem like anything) Vee stands out ans yells at Ghost "DAMNIT...ALL YOU SHOT ME 4 TIMES WHAT...
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The train
She smiled at me and I gave her a nod as everyone took their seats for the hour and twenty minute ride into the...city. It was time most took to work on documents or read the paper but my eye was on her. ...I watched her from...only one row away. She always sat facing the...
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The Prelude
The wheels turned inwards, rotating towards the ground, the reflector shaped rims already flickering with the...same blue light as Shadow regulated the power conversion from the gasoline engine to the fusion core....Finally, bright blue cones of ionized...
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The Gladiator
quartermaster.   "May the gods shit upon you," the quartermaster said disdainfully.   Jaxon nodded and turned toward the fighter's entrance, stopping at the edge of the shadow. ... Out in...the center, a pair of combatants circled each other warily. ...Â...
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The Ori
"Its some local fruits mixed with the water that bubbles forth from the remains of the volcano. ...It will keep...you skin shiny and let you live longer! ...It is good for you!"..."Well as long as it keeps my skin shiny!" I joked, to which Haruke laughed....I couldn't believe it.
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The Struggle
backfrom the middle of the spine to a rest just before his tailbone. He sat on the side of the bed, still gazing...at the phone. ...If only there really was someone he could call...But there was no one he could trust to talk to...about such things. ...He laid his...
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The Deal
......He looked at the Options paper in the window and found that the only option that was missing was the...satellite radio....Â..."No big deal," he thought....Â...As he was looking at the interior, a salesman walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.
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The End.
point; the gaps between the front and rears of the locomotives were covered in grime, dirt, and other unsavory...wear and tear. ...Locomotive thirteen plus zero-two-eight looked like it might have blown a turbo charger...recently....It was going to take a while for this thing to...
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The cold
"yes" and the wolf put the whole 8 inches inside of him as the fox moaned almost blowing it right there the...wolf howled and began to move up and down and soon the foxcame inside of the wolf....Â...The wolf panted "that was great" "yes"...."ok" now you...
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The Plague
walk to sociable streets of earth, no matter the purity of his spirit without collecting the ever growing stain...upon its delicate cloth. ...A simple serenade, once meant to woo a maidens heart, has now turned into a...proverbial abomination of intoxication, death, and lust. ...No longer...
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The Crossroads
I must have blacked out from the pain, and lack of feeling, because the screaming stopped. ...My arms...became my own again, and my legs could be moved under my own power. ...Raising my head I slowly cracked...my eyes open to see the blinding light, when I realised, it wasnt...
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The Beginning
," he began, speaking over the roar of the protesting engine, the wind of the open window, and the rattle of the...rough road...."Ani … just call me Heuvadoches. ...It is what I am...Page 4/10...FurryInk...The Beginning...," shi replied. Shi leaned...
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The Eyes
They see the impurities branded upon the souls of man, like cattle. ...They watch as the light of innocence fades...from my spirit to become a flicker of candlelight amidst a grand audience chamber. ...Making no motion to fan...the flames into the blaze it once was.
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The German
When I woke up, I was tied to an "X" in the middle of the room and the German was standing in front of me...."Did you honestly think I vas going to kill such a handsome fox?" He asked in a calm tone. I didn't answer. ...He...chuckled and got closer to me, "I vould never do such a...
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The Switch
button, she slid her hand down, stroking his cock until it was hard."Mmmm that's the nice thing about being a...guy, you know." she sai playfully, rubbing her fingers against the tip. ..."You don't have to take your pants off to...get what you want. ...You just have to unzip them and pull...
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The Scout
For the rest of the day, Cheryl double-checked that the Adelaide's systems were intact after passing the...Botany Bay's ram scoops, tested and readied her hibernation tank, tested and linked the Adelaide's systems for...remote control and did a morale-booster show for...
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The Descion
 She left him in the clearing to break the news to Erostisch. ...He was found sitting by the creek that was not...far from the clearing. She sat by him amd stared at the water for a long minute then she turned to him. ...He did...not turn but she knew she held his...
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